Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Options.. you can go with this.. or you can go with that.

I am an optionizer.  Don't look it up, it is my own word.  I give options, lots of options.  So many options that my children become annoyed at my always giving options.  Take this morning at breakfast. The child wanted cereal.  Nothing bad about that right?  easy peasy.
Me:  "ok, we have frosted flakes".
Child:  Ewww, I don't want that, don't we have any other cereal?
Me: "yes, we have Fruit Loops... but I don't think they are fresh.. probably stale.  Hey, what about oatmeal?  I have some oatmeal.. I can make you some, of course they are not the dinosaur oatmeal that you like but I can.. no?  Don't want that.. um..oh wait.. what about grits, I can make you grits."

Child:  "forget it mom, never mind".
Me:  "Grit are good!  I can put cheese in them..or I can make you a breakfast burrito?  Or how about nutella on toast?  hmm  I can make you regular toast with eggs.. or how bout just toast?  I have bacon.. want some bacon?"
Child:  "UGH MOM.. Forget it"
Me:  "you can't not have breakfast.. what about a granola bar?  Apple?  I can make bacon and eggs really quick...oh what about a rice crispy treat?  OOOOOh  Boniva bars? "

Well you get the picture.  By the time I was done giving options she was giving me the silent treatment which, as far as I know, continues.

I personally like options.  I like to know I am not being forced into things.  I HATE being told what to do.  I do not like it at all.    I may acquiesce to your request (did you see a pirate) but it will be the slowest possible speed that I can get away with.  I never really thought about it being annoying.  Apparently it is.  Ah well, too old to change now but I can leave you with a bit of fun for those of us who like options.  You can watch the link below, or not, you don't have to, you could just go to youtube and watch it there or something else, it is entirely up to you.

I love options :)

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