Monday, July 15, 2013

Hard Sayings

My dad had a term he would use called “hard sayings.   It was things that I needed to hear but it was hard for him to say and hard for me to hear.   Even though my dad has been gone for a long time now I can still hear his voice at times saying “Little girl, these are hard sayings but hear me now”.  This weekend was one of those times.

It is never easy to admit when your life, attitude, direction is wrong but this weekend some things were broken that will never be the same again.  A relationship has been changed, maybe for the better who knows.  But for right now it is heart breaking for me.  And during the hurricane of emotional turmoil I could hear my dad telling me some “hard sayings”.  And the truth hurt, I didn’t like it but I know I have to change some things in my life.

Thanks dad.

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